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Certification Training

Skills and Expert Knowledge all wrapped up in FULL Training Packages

Essential to the manufacture of Emergency Medical and Rescue Equipment is the correct use, because in the wrong hands a user can inflict serious injury to both themselves and the already injured.

That is why at FERNO we have invested in bringing customers the most comprehensive training available to-date.

TRAIN THE TRAINER – up to 6 delegates
Comprehensive education and protocols for the teaching of others to use our Specialist Equipment.

PRODUCT FAMILIARISATION – up to 10 delegates
Being comfortable and confident when having to work with or use our Specialist Equipment.

Both courses bring to you the total experience and skills set, that leave you with the knowledge, expertise, course notes and back up needed to use the specific FERNO product trained upon.

Products such as; evacuation chairs, emergency medical and rescue equipment, stretchers, trolleys, extrication and immobilization devices, bariatric equipment and our vehicle intelligence system ACETECH.

All working across our key sectors: Ambulance and Hospital, Rescue and Evacuation, Funeral and Mortuary and Commercial Health and Safety.

So remember whatever equipment training you need we have the package ready and waiting for you, either book it here online or call
+44 (0) 1274 851 999 for further details.