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Certified Product Training

Equipment Familiarisation

Why is equipment familiarisation important?

A vital part of providing specialist equipment is making sure the operators know how to use it competently and safely.

Working with Ferno UK will ensure that you get the very best out of your specialist equipment purchase and the people using it.

Familiarisation training will provide staff with confidence and give true understanding of the equipment and its purpose.

We will work hard to ensure that all persons attending will achieve goals important to them and their company irrespective of their ability. All attendees leave with increased knowledge and confidence.


Equipment familiarisation will enable operators to have clear and concise knowledge of how to use and look after the product competently and safely. It means you will get the best from the equipment and the people so maximising the investment in the product.

Course content:

Introduction to Manuals

Introduction to Equipment

Purpose of the Equipment

Practical demonstration

Group engagement to equipment

Storage of equipment

End user servicing (Do’s & Don’ts)

Manufacturer repairs (Recognition Do’s & Don’ts)

Train the Trainer

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed and designed for both newly appointed and existing trainers and those who are looking to broaden their knowledge, skills and technique.

This course will show you how to realise and demonstrate in full training group or groups by facilitating and promoting discussion and gain participation. 

As a trainer you will learn how to adapt and devise training sessions to suit different learning processes and styles and practice ways of delivering sessions that encourage learning.


Develop skills to deliver structured training sessions with well defined objectives

Gain the ability to adapt training to cater for all learning styles

Build confidence to manage the training environment, delegates and yourself

Course content

Adult learning theory

Organisation and lesson planning

Creating a good beginning, middle and end of session

Group training dynamics

Presentation Skills

Use of resources

Training Techniques

Assessment & Evaluation

Course Duration         

    1 Day Standard             

    2 day Advanced