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The role will be flexible depending on your skills and experience. It may start
with being intrinsically involved in new product development, or with designing
our bespoke products and/or amending and improving existing products and
CAD drawings. 

We will also make sure that we use your skills appropriately, and if you need a
little more development before you are able to start working on new products
then we will help advance your skills.

A role where invention is required!

CAD Product Engineer - £25k to £35k depending on skills and experience

The processsend your CV to Jo Ryan, then we’ll let you know if we think that your skills are a match to what
we are looking for. The first stage will be an interview and the second stage will be a look at your CAD skills. 
This is a change from the test we have used previously so we would encourage former applicants to reapply.

The person will have an ability to solve engineering problems and have work experience in an engineering environment. You are a good communicator, able to work on your own initiative and learn new skills quickly

You’ll need to be an effective user of a 3D CAD package (SolidWorks, SolidEdge or Inventor). To be able to work straightaway on new products, you'll have experience of designing and drawing fabricated products, castings and mouldings, as well as assembly and specialist engineering.