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Traction Splint Model 444 Adult

Designed for use with suspected long bone fractures such as that of the hip and femur, the Fernotrac Traction Splint uses mechanical traction to relieve pain and reduce the possibility of further vascular and nerve damage.

The ankle hitch wraps around the patient's foot and is completely adjustable. Traction may be quickly applied by simply turning a knurled knob and is maintained during transportation by means of a positive ratchet mechanism.


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  • Mechanical traction is simply achieved.
  • Fully adjustable ankle hitch.
  • Fold out stand for extra support.
  • Simple to follow directions are sewn into each strap.
  • Wide, adjustable elasticated support straps hold the patient's leg within the frame of the splint.
  • Manufactured in durable and lightweight aluminium.
  • The low profile ischial pad allows the splint to be easily positioned beneath the patient.


  • Simple to Operate - easy to follow instructions sewn into each strap.
  • Complete with Full length carry bag.
  • Support is provided to the injured leg by the heel stand, which folds out when required.
  • Adjustments to the Fernotrac's length are easily made by loosening the knurled sleeves on either side of the frame.
Min Length
Max Length
1400 mm
Splint Width
220 mm
Heel Stand Width
270 mm
60 mm
3 Kg (With case)

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