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Limited Warranty Summary

Ferno-Washington, Inc. (Ferno), warrants Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years except as follows:

(A) Soft goods (webbing, vinyl, fabric, foam, etc.) are warranted for 90 days.

This limited warranty applies when you use and care for the product properly. If the product is not used and cared for properly, the warranty is void. The warranty period begins the day the product is shipped from Ferno or the day you receive it if you have proof of the delivery date. Shipping charges are not covered by the limited warranty. We are not liable for shipping damages or damages sustained through using the product.

Limited Warranty Obligation

If a product or part is proven to be defective, Ferno will repair or replace it. At our option, we will refund the product’s purchase price. The purchaser accepts these terms in lieu of all damages.

This is a summary of the limited warranty. The actual terms and conditions of the limited warranty, and the limitations of liability and disclaimers, are available upon request by calling Customer Service on 01274 854511